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You are never too young or too old to start thinking about getting the smile you deserve.  At Fine Smiles Dental, we provide a range of treatments to suit all patients of all ages.  These include traditional braces, non-extraction orthodontics and Invisalign.



Recent improvements in treatment with traditional braces have resulted in more efficient and more subtle brackets that now provide an even more comfortable way to deliver functional and aesthetic corrections for children, teenagers and adults.



Early- treatment orthodontics is a philosophy designed to guide and utilise your child’s own natural growth to establish a healthy smile and potentially avoid lengthy and expensive orthodontic treatment in the future.  There are several orthodontic problems that our dentists will continually monitor right at their very first dental visit to help advise you if treatment is necessary.  These include:


  • Over- crowding of teeth

  • Open bite

  • Deep bite

  • Cross bite

  • Under bite

  • Protruding teeth

  • Abnormal eruption of teeth

  • Unwanted habits such as thumb sucking

  • Tongue thrust


All of these issues can significantly impact your child’s facial growth and development and need to be addressed to ensure long-term stability of their adult teeth.  Through the use of various modern orthodontic devices, the team at Fine Smiles Dental will treat the underlying cause of the problem and provide the best possible outcome for your child.



Many adults have spent years feeling self-conscious about their smile, believing it is “too late” to straighten their teeth and achieve that beautiful smile.  At Fine Smiles Dental, we provide solutions to a straighter smile by utilising modern orthodontic techniques whilst understanding the demands of an adult lifestyle.  All of our dentists have completed extensive training in orthodontics.


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