Dental check up & hygiene

As a prevention-focused clinic, we are committed to promoting great oral health for both adults and children, to help you maintain a life-long healthy smile. Tooth decay and gum disease are preventable with good oral hygiene, professional cleanings and regular exams. Therefore, we advise a general dental exam and clean every 6 months so we can prevent or catch minor problems before they develop into major complications. If we do diagnose any problems, we may need to perform restorative treatment, however the sooner we identify it, the simpler and more cost-effective the solution will be.

What to expect

45 minutes to 1 hour

We recognise that each patient is different and will require different levels of dental care. Most children and adults have a full dental exam and clean every 6 months, but if you have oral health issues, you may need more frequent care. During this appointment, your dentist will provide:

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