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As a prevention-focused clinic, our dentists at Fine Smiles Dental are committed to promoting great oral health for both adults and children, to help you maintain a life-long healthy smile.  We advise a general dental exam and clean every 6 months.  Regular dental check- ups are the best start to optimum dental health.  Major and complex dental treatment can be prevented in the future as it allows our dentists to detect any issues early on and provide you with guidance on how to maintain your dental hygiene at home.  It is far more cost effective than allowing problems such as tooth decay and gum disease to go undetected.



  1. Comprehensive Examination - During your visit, your dentist will introduce themselves and listen carefully to any specific concerns you are experiencing with your teeth. This will be followed by a comprehensive assessment of your teeth, gums and soft tissue.

  2. Two Bitewing X-rays - Digital dental x-rays are required to detect finer details that are not visible through visual examination such as decay in between your teeth as bone loss under your gums.Your dentist may also suggest taking an OPG (a full mouth x-ray). This is fully covered by Medicare.

  3. Scale and Polish - We use a combination of ultrasonic and hand scalers in order to provide the most thorough clean possible. Our dentists also understand that some patients may have sensitive teeth and will constantly check that you are comfortable during the process. 

  4. Fluoride Treatment - To reduce sensitive, strengthen your teeth and help prevent tooth decay

  5. Personalised Treatment Plan - Your dentist will take the time to really understand your concerns and present all the examination and x-ray findings to you in a clear manner.  She/he will also explain in detail the best treatment plan for you as well as any costs involved.





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