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Excess worry- lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity in your skin and soft tissues can artificially age a person, resulting in a tired or washed out look. Botox and dermal fillers are a safe and non-surgical solution that help patients look fresh and revitalised with a completely natural look.



Botox is used to temporarily soften or erase the wrinkles caused by the dynamic action of the muscles of facial expression, most commonly crow’s feet, forehead lines and frown lines.


Dermal fillers are used to restore structure and volume to the underlying soft tissues, returning the natural contours of beauty that are often lost with age. The dermal fillers we use are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound that is present in many parts of the body, and last between 12-18 months before being broken down by the body.


If you are interested in cosmetic injectables, we can explore and discuss these options with you in further detail at your next visit.


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